About Us

Mlyar.com prides itself in being the most trusted and highest rated professional online shopping agent for the biggest online market in the People's Republic of China..

Our goal is to help buyers understand in their own native language exactly what products and prices the online stores are offering, while advising our clients which deals are hot or not. With top caliber product delivery that is fast, cheap, and reliable, Mlyar ships products to multinational corporations and individuals across-the-board. From multilingual live chat to entertainment blogs, Youtube videos to Twitter tweets, Tumblr blogs to Pinterest pins, Mlyar strives to keep our customers beyond satisfied and happy. 

We provide our customers only the best quality service and nothing less, saving both your time and money. Please join us and let us play a part in your international shopping experience! 

mlyar.com is founded by:

Malek International Limited (HK)

Shantat Zouq Trading Est. (KSA)