Size guide

Coat Size

Exemple #1 :

      Size              Length             Shoulder                Bust                Sleeve

Exemple #2 :


  Size         Front length  Shoulder  Bust        Waist      Hip        Sweep       Sleeve   Wristband

Dress Size

Exemple #1 :


     Size         Bust    Adjustable extent for Bust    Waist    Adjustable extent for Wasit

Exemple #2 :

  Size  Wristband   Bust    Waist      Hip    Sleeve    Length

Exemple #3 :

                                         Size         Bust                  Waist            Hip           Height

Sweater Size

Exemple #1 :


              Size                 Length                  Sleeve                  Bust                Shoulder


Shirt Size

Exemple #1 :

   Size    Length      Bust    Shoulder   Sleeve

Kids Size

There are many ways for the sizes of children clothes, one of the common ways is by year, like 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, etc; and also could by height(with CM or without it), like 80CM, 90CM, 100CM, 110M,ect. So different brands different suppliers would use different sizes


Exemple #1 :